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  • Feeds are readily available for

    Details Form types
    Insider trading Trades by directors, officers and 10% owners of publicly traded companies 3 4 5 2003 - today.
    Over 3.1 million filings and amendments
    Holdings reports Holdings reports filed by Institutional investors / hedge funds 13F-HR 2013 - today.
    Over 50 thousand filings and amendments
    Raising capital - Reg D Privately held companies that raise capital from various sources such as accredited investors, venture capital, angel investors, and pooled investment funds under Regulation D D 2008 - today.
    Approx. 250 thousand filings and amendments
    Equity crowdfunding - Reg A+ / Reg CF / Title II / Title III Data feeds for equity crowdfunding thru Regulation A+, Regulation Crowdfunding, Title II, Title III of "2012 JOBS Act". 1-A C CFPORTAL ... and more 2015 - today
    Companies list Contact information for SEC Listed companies. (restricted only to data within SEC Filings) Since 1995 till date.
    .. and more
  • Feeds are generated automatically. This is a paid "beta" phase. At the moment, initial signup process is not automated.
  • Historic Data: From 1995 - till today
  • Updated:
    Daily, Weekly, Monthly.
    Near Real-Time updated feeds are also available if required.

Excel friendly for managers, investors, board members, executives, professors, students

It is as easy as :
"File" -> "Open" -> insider_trades_2016.csv
"Filter" on "issuer_ticker" "MSFT"
"Filter" on "transCode" "S" For open market or private sale
Narrow down "transactionDate"

Data Scientists, Developers, Programmers, Quantitative analyst

The data feeds are available in standard Comma separated (csv) format or JSON format.
These can be imported directly into various databases or consumed using various programming languages such as Java, C#, Python, JavaScript, etc.

Example in Python Pandas:
import pandas as pd

insider_trades = pd.read_csv('https://website/insider_trades_2016.csv')