4   0001209191-18-019265

Ownership: Statement of changes in beneficial ownership. Insider trading ( Directors, Officers, Significant Shareholders )

filing date
March 13, 2018
period of report
March 12, 2018
accepted date
March 13, 2018
Signed By
Susan Greenfield as Attorney-in-Fact
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FORM 4 SUBMISSION 4 1 doc4.xml
BankUnited, Inc. [BKU]
Reporting Owner:
Bansal Rishi Other, Officer of Subsidiary,
Date of Event Req Stmt
Type Title Conv/Exer price Trans. date Deemed Exe date Trans Form Type Trans Code Eqty swap? Footnote id Trans timelines # Shares Value Total Value Price / share Acq or Disp Date exercisable Expiration date # Owned post trans Value Owned post trans Underlying security title # Underlying securities Value underlying securities Direct or Indirect own Nature indirect own
Non-Derriv. transCommon Stock, par value $0.01 per share2018-03-124S : Open market or private saleFalse500043.23D48104D
Reflects the sale of 5,000 shares of common stock by the reporting person under Rule 144 promulgated under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended.
This price represents the weighted average sale price of trades transacted at a multitude of prices ranging from $43.14 to $43.36. The reporting person hereby undertakes to provide upon request to the SEC staff, the issuer or a security holder of the issuer, full information regarding the shares sold at each separate price.
Signed by
[ /s/ Susan Greenfield as Attorney-in-Fact ] on 2018-03-13
Type Filing Company SIC Rel IRS # State of INC FY End Mailing address Former Filing Vals
BankUnited, Inc.
Cik: 0001504008
14817 OAK LANE
MIAMI LAKES,  FL,  33016
6035 -
Savings Institution, Federally Chartered
270162450 USA [ DE ] 1231
14817 OAK LANE
MIAMI LAKES,  FL,  33016
Type Filing Reporting Owner Company SIC Rel IRS # State of INC FY End Mailing address Former Filing Vals
reporting owner
Bansal Rishi ( CIK: 0001699667 )


14817 OAK LANE
MIAMI LAKES,  FL,  33016
form type4
file number001-35039
film number18687220